Application in Tianjin Toyota plant (TFTM)


“Made in China 2025” plan promotes intelligent manufacturing. In modern factories intensive labor changed to more technically advanced machinery and equipment operators. Its called “new era workers”, which mainly controll high-end mechanical equipment. The streamlining and coreization of employees means that the work connection and interaction between personnel will be closer.

Therefore, an efficient factory intercom system is exceptionally necessary for close coordination between various manufacturing process such as the vehicle assembly workshop and spray shop. Application of Naya intercom system just meet the intelligent production cooperation in TFTM factory.

Real-time talking of many people

 Intelligent factories are not just artificial intelligence, while highlighting technicians as the core, intelligent machines and people can be truly fused together to realize human-machine integration. Only when the connection and communication between the personnel are closer, the top-down advantages of the production line can be fully exerted! Many people speak simultaneously on a wireless frequency band is a big problem in the private network communication industry for decades, as the traditional communication system does not have the multi-channel simultaneous transceiver function.  

 TFTM selected full-duplex intercom FDI-BS350 and AFDI-BS450, independently developed by Shanghai Naya, to realize the simultaneous speaking of many people at the same frequency band without mutual interference. Relying on the IP architecture technology, several AFDI-BS450 base stations can be connected for 128-way full duplex intercom.


 "Workers of the new era" need talk frequently even in a state of tension while operating the machines with both hands. Therefore, traditional walkie talkie which need to talk with pressing the button cannot meet this demand.

 Expanded NAYA AFDI-BS450 can realize 128-way full-duplex intercom, when anyone needs to speak, the micphone can be turned on, and the hand-free talk is available.

Wireless signal network coverage

As a large automobile plant with an annual production capacity of 420,000pcs of vehicles, TFTM need wireless signal coverage of the entire workshop without dead ends:

Transmission distance: The factory area is large, covering an area of 1.61 million square meters with many walls, cars, truss and other shelters everywhere; Signal shielding: The workshop with a two-floors workbench of steel structure and office of metal plate inside has serious shielding effect on wireless signals, which will directly affect the transmission distance and the use effect.

Signal shielding: The workshop with a two-floors workbench of steel structure and office of metal plate inside has serious shielding effect on wireless signals, which will directly affect the transmission distance and the use effect.

Frequency interference: With the advent of the Internet of Things(IOT), there are more and more devices that rely on various wireless IOT like RFID, Bluetooth and WIFI. The frequency of these wireless devices is concentrated at 315MHz, 433MHz, 2.4G (2400-2482MHz), 5.8G (5800MHz) and other ISM ranges, and this type of equipment occupies a wide frequency, which easily cause frequency conflicts.

Construction difficulty: Traditional distributed antennas require a lot of feeder laying work, feeder consumables, construction difficulty and cost are high, which will affect the normal production and operation of the factory.


    AFDI-BS450 with 400-470, 470-510, 802-826, 902-930MHz and other ISM unlicensed frequency bands, almost no conflict with the existing wireless signals. The sight transmission is 2000 meters, NLOS with 6 floors, which can meet the regional signal coverage.

Considering the signal attenuation caused by various factors such as shielding and dense metal truss caused by many automobile assembly lines, several base stations BS450 distributed on the site at a certain distance, relying on AFDI-BS450 IP networking functions. Access the network LAN IP nearby make it possible to create a whole signal area coving entire factory by connecting of several base stations.

Command of different levels

 Many people’s real-time simultaneous intercom can not meet the demands of large factories. There are many departments in the large factory TFTM like security department and inspection department, and sub-departments, and each workshop and department need to be grouped.

 Naya 450 system with grouping function make it possible to divide all members into different groups, members in every group can talk with each other no disturbing other groups(under “group” mode), and can also talk with all other members. And base station BS450, as a commander, can talk with all members of all groups, and can talk with only selected beltpack or group. With AFDI-BS450, a large production workshop achieved unified scheduling, instant two-way, convenient and efficient wireless intercom system.

Converged communication

 Automobile production and assembly is an extremely complicated and rigorous work, a large number of machinery and instruments are running on site. AFDI-BS450 supports two-wire system/Party-Line, four-wire system, trunking system, and PSTN telephone system. Intercom system is connected to on-site alarm equipment. When a production line fails, it can be transmitted wirelessly to notify the relevant maintenance personne, so that the fault problem can be resolved and maintained in a timely manner.

 Shanghai Naya Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D of wireless full-duplex intercom to meet user needs. Solid technology and reliable products of many years has brought convenient and innovative intercom experience.

Products are widely used in the production and broadcasting scenes of all levels of TV stations represented by CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV, and many private network fields with FAW Toyota, large oil fields, emergency firefighting, engineering implementation, medical communication, and military police as the core.