An Adaptive Intercom System for TV Studios


There are multiple studios inside TV stations. One column usually corresponds to an exclusive studio to produce programs independently. For encountering large-scale programs or variety show productions, multiple studios are required to join in the same program to meet different scenarios, such as a backstage interview room, a frontstage performance stage, etc. Regardless of the scenario, a flexible and effective intercom system is required. When working independently in the studio, the director can receive the instructions of the broadcast control center alone. When working in multiple studios, the director and broadcast control center can communicate with each other to enter the coordinated command linkage call mode. For example, during the production of a variety show in Zhejiang province, the chief director sits in No. 1 studio in the front field and controls the program production of the opening performance and the game session. In the individual interview session with the guests, the recording scene needs to be changed to No. 2 studio. Chief director can use the NAYA IPL background management software to access the call system of Studio No. 2 with one key, and can set up the assistant director in Studio No. 2 to command the call authority, and jointly direct the on-site work of Studio No. 2.

Using the NAYA IPL background management software, each call node in the call system can be selected for one-to-one, one-to-many, group calls and other personalized operations, and call status of each call node is clearly visible, and the configuration parameters can be modified directly on the management software, and encrypted recording is supported at the same time.

   This set of linkage studio solution adopts IP intercom product line, supports four connection methods including network cable/fiber/LAN/cross-public network, which is convenient for integration and avoids the interference or attenuation caused by audio cables and feeders everywhere of the traditional call matrix.


    As the education base for securities and futures investors in Shanghai, Shanghai Dianzhang Culture Technology Co., Ltd. has several columns such as "Meet the Big Shot" and "Dianzhang Finance". There are two studios, one studio hall, and one general control room.

No. 1 studio is located on the left side of the 11th floor. Its mainly for the special program "Meet the Big Shot" and financial interview programs.

   No. 2 studio is located on the right side of the 11th floor and is the exclusive studio for the special column "Dianzhang Finance".


The picture above is the refurbished studio hall on the 16th floor of Dianzhang Finance in the same building.

The main control room located on the 11th floor is equipped with a NAYA AFDI-BS450 professional intercom system, which can be involved in the program production of one or more studios at any time for joint command and dispatch.

This set of linkage studio communication system realizes multi-host IP networking through LAN, which saves a lot of construction costs for customers. What’s more, it only took less than 2 hours to complete the entire communication system debugging and layout installation.