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Intercom Solution for EFP system

◆Wireless Intercom Solution for EFP system

    Mobile EFP system becomes popular for TV stations and Media companies. Complex on-site situations and obstacles make it difficult for real-time communication of different departments, which makes it necessary for reliable wireless intercom system. NAYA FDI-BS350 relying with wDR-8 technology can get transmit sight distance 2000M, NLOS with 6 floors. 1U base station and external antenna helps 350 applicable for EFP. Beltpacks with headphone/earphone/host earphones optional. Base station support grouping/isolation/selected speaking mode, to meet different requirements. Base station can be connected to different switchers for Tally function, to remind the host and cameraman with PGM/PVW status. That’s professional wireless intercom system which closely contact the director and the on-site stuff.


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