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◆Intercom solution for Live streaming E-Commerce

    Wired intercom was used for Live streaming E-Commerce, for which wiring in advance is needed, and inconvenient for mobile camera. Wireless intercom become popular. Some wireless intercom with short transmit distance, can’t go through wall, without Tally function. These systems can’t well meet the requirements of live streaming. NAYA intercom can transmit 2000M in line of sight, NLOS with 6 floors. Compare to common wireless package 4 or 8 beltpacks on the market, one Naya base station can have unlimited beltpack receiver. Director talk from base station, and cameraman, hosts and other posts work with beltpacks. We have different headsets design to choose from. Base station with built-in Tally module supports hundreds of switchers models, which maximally meets the communication requirements in Live broadcast.


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