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Solution for Stage Performance -

◆Intercom solution for theater

    Internal communication system is a major equipment in theater. Naya provides you a wireless solution with very stable connection quality. AFDI-BS450 full duplex intercom system supports 128 channel of wDR-8 wireless devices and 32 to 64 IP connected devices. AFDI-BS450 offer a easy solution. AFDI-BS450 is able to connect desktop microphones by local area network in stadium or theater and beltpacks by wireless at the same time.

◆Wireless intercom solution for concert and major events

    In concert and other large events, intercom system face challenges from loud background voices, radio activities, multiple walls and long range connection. Our system is capable to transmit 2000m or NLOS six walls. Speakers and communication range can be expanded by link multiple base station by cable. For events in very large area such as marathon, we offer solution by connect stations through internet so all beltpacks and stations can communicate with each other.


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