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◆Intercom solution for film making

    A film making stuff includes director group, photographers, make-up artists, and field affairs. All these positions need to work under the coordination and command of director. NAYA wireless intercom support up to 128 receivers with good sound quality and stable signal, and its push-free function can make the photographers working without pressing the PTT buttons. The live director use the base station or deputy director’s beltpack, grouping function can divide the members into up to 8 groups, and director can speak to one or several groups, unselected group can talk freely without disturbing other groups. This form a set of efficient communication, manageable and controllable inter-crew intercom system for filmmakers.

◆Intercom solution for TVC commercial filming

    Efficient collaboration is necessary for TVC filming and microfilming, and its strict for shooting time of each scene. In terms of intercom equipment, walkie-talkie can not make the hands free, wired intercom is not convenient to move. NAYA wireless intercom with technology of MESE network, beltpacks can communicate without base station for cost down and easy carry around. Director, cameramen and other posts can communicate in real time based with each other just with beltpacks only.


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