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Application in TianjinToyota plant(TFTM)

Application in TianjinToyota plant(TFTM)

High-efficient intercom system become necessary for modern intelligent factories. TFTM chose AFDI-BS450 to realize the simultaneous communication of different departments at the same frequency band without mutual interference.

Real-time talking of many people: several base stations BS450 IP connected for more-way full-duplex.

Push-free: Workers can speak to others while operating the machines with both hands at same time.

Wireless signal network coverage: Naya AFDI-BS450 with long transmit distance, and 4pcs of BS450 IP-connected achieves wireless signal coverage of the entire workshop without blind spot in TFTM covering an area of 1.6 million ㎡. time.

Command of different levels: AFDI-BS450 with functions grouping/beltpacks isolution/talk to selected beltpacks or groups can ensure communication of base station with different departments or groups no disturbing other groups.


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