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Shanghai Naya full-duplex emergency intercom solution-New force of fire rescue

Full-duplex Naya wireless intercom system AFDI-BS450 plays more important role for emergency like fire rescue instead of half-duplex walkie-talkie:

● 8-way full-duplex: simultaneous talking of base station and 8pcs of beltpacks ensure the real-time communication of guiders and firefighters while fighting the fire

● Push-free: firefighters can focus on fire fighting with 2 hands, while speaking freely

● Grouping/beltpacks isolution/selected talking: to ensure reliable and smooth communication between first-line firefighters and command center, and clear command to every firefighters not interfering with each other

● IP remote interconnection: Several BS450 IP interconnected make it possible for remote command, to connect Fire Headquarters, Field Command and Frontline firemen for real-time full-duplex communication.

Command of different levels: AFDI-BS450 with functions grouping/beltpacks isolution/talk to selected beltpacks or groups can ensure communication of base station with different departments or groups no disturbing other groups.


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